Consumer Reports: «It Is a Hardware Problem, Not We Can Recommend The IPhone 4»

No, the saga of iPhone 4 antenna It did not end when Apple determined that it was a software problem. Now Consumer Reports, a relevant medium in the United States specializing in analyzing consumer products, denies to Cupertino and ensures that reception problems are due to a failure of design.

Consumer Reports engineers came to the conclusion that support the thumb or part of the hand on the left cut the antenna It really causes that the signal is lost, especially in places where this is already weak in itself. therefore, It would not be a deception of iOS4 showing an incorrect coverage stripe number, as you pointed out Apple, or an insufficient infrastructure AT &T; only it would be a mistake in the design of the hardware. A failure that is impossible to solve with a firmware update.

Consumer Reports concludes that, despite important improvements in autonomy, cameras, sensors of movement and screen, iPhone 4 If our need is an iPhone that works properly, We go for the 3Gs. The good side is also offering an economical solution to the problem at the same time that sloppy: cover the antenna with tape cutting or any insulating material.

Update: to make matters worse, we have broken with the news that Apple removed from their official forums all threads pertaining to Consumer Reports article.