Can Uneven Autumn/Winter 2013 Be That I like More Than One Piece of The Collection?

With Unequal I have since years a fierce within my inner struggle: I know that you have large number of followers and that their designs Captivate many but… I personally hardly any of your clothes end up in my cupboard. But maybe this Autumn/winter 2013 / 2014 become an exception. Well because we have worked a very flattering campaign either because, for this season, definitely the Unequal spirit has got my attention Only happens to me?

As you might expect, the two strongest Unequal hallmarks have not missed at any time: large injections of colour in all models, regardless of the season in which we are and a very sophisticated use of prints e equal to many over that point becomes the canvas on which all of them settle.

The patchwork, one of my big enemies and who both like to firm, boils down to a couple of shirts and some jersey while the more colorful Jacquard or the point of coarse grain in neutrals such as greys, the beige and the creams, abounds in the outerwear and accessories: cardigans with zipper on frog closures, Swan-neck sweaters and navy-inspired trenches in bright colors. In short, a collection quite wearable, something to which Unequal no we are very accustomed.