But Where Both Style Get? Lookbook October of Massimo Dutti

Massimo Dutti guys, I have a message for you, let a little of style for others because lately you are increasing the level of a way too exaggerated.

And is that this month we have a Lookbook you know a trend on all sides and where it shows that you don’t need attention with bright colors or parts esperpenticas to precisely draw attention without doing so. Simply use the rules of good dress to turn them into art. Already it is guys, who I spend from rally but I’m fan number one mark because those who follow us will know that our style is traditional but following trends, exactly the spirit Massimo Dutti wants to print in their collections.

Do you want to know that I remember do comes to my mind when I see your collection? Nature, since the abundant use of ochre hues and blue are off make think of evenings of autumn leaves on the ground and in the first rains After the summer where the ir warm are missed already.

Details such as the gloves in his pocket showing trends looming by the wall of the fashion that continue with force. In addition to this, with semilargos shelters and are over quilted type Husky they have hit the mark, since they will be the most watched in the cold Spanish cities.

But not only is that, as we can see shirts are in two major addresses this year, the lumberjack pictures and the Cowboy, latter being the protagonist in all the Shop windows.

As for shoes I have taken me a surprise using largely boots as the main element, which believed already past the ostracism from other seasons, but it seems that Massimo Dutti has something to say about. That if and already in the form of detail I would stress two elements that are more personal than anything else. The first the Monk buff who tabled this season and having me with eyes behind them.

The second detail, a tie of wool in grey color that I’ve been seeing for more than one year by number of outfit by the network and still no multinational is had bold.

What do you think of these photos? They meet expectations?