BlackBerry Celebrates Its Tenth Anniversary with 50 Million Units

Research in Motion just cross the symbolic barrier of 50 million devices BlackBerry sold. The news comes a week after the 10th anniversary of the creation of the concept that such success has provided to the Canadian company, since the first BlackBerry was put on the market in January 1999.

The figure has been favoured in recent times by the explosion of sales outside the U.S. market, and the expansion of the target consumer, into the domestic market, in some way following the trends of other smartphones.

According to estimates of the own company, has been achieved to arrive at the figure of 21 million subscribers for their services, a curious fact, movements of these users represent a transfer of more than three petabytes of data through mobile phones each month.

RIM current success is the good reception receiving his Storm and Bold models in different markets, but the novelties that are expected for this year just started are not excessive, and competition is pushing strong, with iPhone , Android, Palm Pre or Windows Mobile-based different terminals and Symbian.

The company enjoys a high growth in Europe and new countries in which will appear, but is in the United States where the company enjoys excellent health, and is fair to remember the excellent free campaign that Barack Obama has been doing his Terminal in recent months, winning the fight to keep your precious gadget.

BlackBerry, not just a phone

RIM It has redefined the way to define communications with phones primarily from the point of view of the business, but it has also got things as important as having transformed the region’s Waterloo in Canada.

For many, BlackBerry He not only finished with dead that any worker has in their travel, has extended working hours and times broken the existing division between home and the office, providing a flexibility often.

I’m not saying that it is the only platform that provide these capabilities, but if that has materialized the idea more effectively, achieving a success contrasted in the market with a diverse line of terminals, and an improvement in the productivity of its users.

It is in large companies where most success has been BlackBerry, It is gradually becoming a product closer to the general consumer, who likes to be always connected. Consumer-oriented applications such as Facebook make a curious phenomenon from occurring, personal life ends up mixing with the workspace, and vice versa.

But RIM could not have achieved this alone, their success has coincided with the spread of broadband and third generation mobile networks, we must also take into account that other large companies have helped develop this market.

What does seem me clear is that having a BlackBerry is not a symbol of social status, now it is much more common to find them, make the elderly or less use of its features.

Remember that all of this started with a “look”for already ten years ago, if you are interested to know a little history of the family BlackBerry, I leave a link to this publication that reviews the terminals from the beginning until last year.

How has BlackBerry changed Waterloo

Before RIM It launched its BlackBerry, Waterloo was a University City, quiet and without a large industry (the most important business were distilleries, and some technology companies), is now a thriving cosmopolitan city synonymous with technological innovation. The transformation has been tremendous in just 10 years.

The population has increased enough, the standard of living also, thereby increasing the leisure attractions, night life and cultural institutions. The center of Waterloo little resembles what it was, it has been refurbished with bright buildings.

RIM template consists of 12000 employees, of which 8000 are in Waterloo, given that you there are also indirect jobs are created, BlackBerry It is the best thing that could have happened to face to the employment area.

The growth of RIM and its base in Waterloo has resulted in the recognition of the city at the international level, something as what happened to Austin, Texas and Dell computers or Microsoft in Redmond.

I finish commenting that BlackBerry It is the first product originating in Canada among the 100 most valuable brands, according to various studies of market, a growth of 300%, higher than any other company in the sector.