Basic of Autumn (XI): Returns The Tartan

The tartan is back in fashion. After its golden age in the 80s and a sensible renovation of the classic about five seasons ago, stamping star of the Anglo-Saxon culture is back with force drawing the pull of the grunge tendencies that cause feeling this autumn/winter 2013 / 2014. Are you ready for the return of the tartan?

The good thing about this pattern is that it allows almost anything without clash. You can use it on shirts, t-shirts, pants, scarves, to shoes, and even, with slight variations, in elegant jackets. Without a doubt, is one safe bet This fall, both for the looks more informal and casual as for those who require a little more than tag.

Love is in the sleeves of this leather lollipop. Two trends in one: the tartan on one side and the mixing of materials on the other.

A garment that benefits much from the restrained elegance of the tartan is the jacket. For evenings and nights of autumn, few prints are so ideal as this. Do you dare to wear on your clothing?

And if you like the print but it doesn’t convince you, in H & M they have released several garments with a somewhat smooth but fully recognizable tartan. Are you a fan of the original?

That Yes, always keep in mind that the tartan must be used in a single garment of your look. I.e., if you’re wearing pants with this print, very well you should it do so, combined with a sucks or shirt game, you were decent. The best will be used in solo and combined with some striking garments that give prominence to the tartan. For my taste, the best thing is to let yourself inspire by the country of the tartan and using in combination with chupas of leather, Dr Martens and other garments and accessories cool.

Do you think you the return of the tartan? Do you dare with him this autumn/winter 2013 / 2014?