Basic of Autumn (IV): Marking Waist

Here we bring a fourth installment of this series of basic of autumn that you are showing to be all prepared in few days when autumn comes (surely we need more days to get cold, but well, the intention is what counts). This time, we put ourselves in work with the Autumn/Spring coats, for the new season you require one well marked waist. Do you feel like?

The truth is that halftime having come now is rather boring, because it is difficult to ascertain and be comfortable with what you wear for day to day. Despite this, let’s try to see the positive side with these spring jackets slightly longer than normal and with a belt that allows you to mark figure. What do you think?

I think it is a very good way to keep you warm on those cold mornings of October which then give way to days and evenings of spring most. Are comfortable and stylish jackets that, also thanks to that piggy-back belt, they fit figure and they give a touch very flattering. This we show is of Mango and costs 119,99 EUR.

Midway between the trench and the gabardine long life, these jackets seem to me a very good option. If you’re wondering about how to combine them, quiet, which is very easy. First of all, I certainly isn’t a jacket that is ready for any garment, but on the contrary, requires certain formality. The best is to combine them with sweaters and shirts, as well as with moderately formal shoe. On the website of Mango suggest us these looks for these tailored jackets.

Do you think you this trend?