B & O Play Beolit 15: a Feast for the Senses [Test]

Review: Bang & Olufsen B & O subsidiary PLAY has created a wireless speaker, who both suffered at the farm and a little to the street.

With the impeccable design and the intense sound plays the compact speaker compartment and is a feast for the eyes at one and the same time-a combination to look long after. Especially when it comes to Bluetooth speakers.

B & O has for 90 years created high-end speakers that deliver unsurpassed audio and Beolit 15 is no exception.

After all, mind you, the price is higher if one looks at other Bluetooth speakers on the market, but not only at the beautiful Beolit WINS design, also on the sound.



  • Size: 23 x 18.9 x 13.5 cm
  • Weight: 2.7 kg
  • Battery: 18WH built-in Li-ion battery. Up to 24 hours of battery
  • Audio: True360 audio technology. 2 x 35 Watt class D (240 watts peak power)
  • Colors: Natural Champagne, Polar Blue, Shaded Pink
  • Materials: Aluminum, leather, plastics and rubber.
  • Connection: Bluetooth 4.0, 1 x line-in mini jack
  • Price: 3,699 crowns

Beolit 15 similar to confusion its predecessor Beolit 12, but we have replaced the sharing over WiFi with Bluetooth. It benefits both usability and battery life. Where Beolit 12 only had a battery life of 5-6 hours, the Beolit 15 play in 24 hours. Because streaming is done over Bluetooth instead of Wi-Fi, it is also possible to take the speaker out of the home. In addition, Beolit 15 also multiple speakers and 360-degree audio distribution.

Deep and clear sound regardless of the genre

Beolit has integrated True360 sound technology in the speaker that plays the sound all the way around.This is achieved by using a total of 4 speakers that are powered by 2 class D amplifiers, which delivers maximum 240 Watts of peak power. So there are plenty of goods in the loudspeaker and the fill the room with a soft and clear sound.

I have played everything from acid jazz to Andrea Bochelli on loudspeaker and it delivers an unsurpassed sound, regardless of genre and volume.

A design gem

B & O is known for creating high-quality design and once again hits the spot. Designed lead a back to the old Beolit radios, but at the same time of modern Danish design exudes.

The speaker is available in three different color combinations; Natural Champagne, Polar Blue and Shaded Pink-three colors which probably most appeals to women, but with the great sound, the men enough good compromise on it a little ‘ chicken-hearted ‘ look.

Leather strap can, however, be replaced and purchased in gray and black, so if you combine ‘Polar Blue’ with a black strap becomes the more masculine. The champagne colored I have tested fits right into my device.

The power cable is beautifully hidden behind the loudspeaker and can easily be stored away inside.Nothing is left to chance at Beolit 15.

The compact size also makes it easy to fit the speaker in and with a weight of only 2.7 kg, it’s easy to take it into the kitchen after supper to be made.

Although I also can easily take it on the beach, I nænner it is not. It is not because it is difficult to clean, or because it is fragile-no, this is a simple download for neat (and perhaps also a little too expensive), I dare to run the risk of it being scratched or broken.

Easy operation and super connection

There are only 4 buttons on the speaker, which makes it very user friendly. By holding the Bluetooth button down until you hear a small sound, you can pair new devices with the loudspeaker. It goes quickly to establish a connection, which is very stable thanks to Bluetooth 4.0 technology, which consumes less energy.

I saw only a few times that the connection was standing by, typically after phone calls from the mobile I used to stream music from, but after half a minute’s time jumped the on again. In addition, the speaker can store up to 8 units and two can be connected at the same time-a feature which I found very useful during festivals where several acting DJ’s.


Great battery life

Beolit 15 has a battery life up to 24 hours and on the weeks I have tested it, I have only charged it a couple of times. And it has been used extensively. Battery life at 24 hours, then, is not something they just claim.

Conclusion: Beolit 15, where design and good sound go hand in hand

The loudspeaker is ideal if you want good sound, aesthetic design and enjoy that you can take it in several rooms.
However, it is not obvious if you want a speaker that can be taken anywhere, which is often the purpose of a Bluetooth speaker.

Personally, I would never dare to take Beolit 15 with on the beach; It is situated in a price range where I not nænner that there will be scratches or dents in it. In addition, it has also a size where you don’t just have it with in the backpack. But the sound is so good that in my situation, can replace my current (and older) Harman Kardon installations. It makes sharing easy and gives a great and deep sound-also when there is bass on.

For me is Beolit 15 a speaker, where design and sound goes up in a higher unity and I find it hard to drop off the back.