Authority Reveals: Samsung Galaxy S5 Really Comes Prime

Is the Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime already certified? Apparently there’s a certification in South Korea already through the local radio Research Agency (RRA), an equivalent to the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC), which is responsible for the regulation of communication routes.

Authority Reveals Samsung Galaxy S5 Really Comes Prime

Apparently there are even three versions of the premium Smartphone – with the labels SM G906S SM G906K, SM-G906L the models of the Samsung Galaxy S5 carry Prime seemingly the RRA, GforGames reported. Previously, there had been already a certification by the Bluetooth Special interest group (Bluetooth SIG). The new certification might be an indication that the day is the release of the Samsung smartphones in the not-too-distant future. End of April, there had been rumors, who felt a release date at this time.

Competition With The LG G3

Through a speedy release, Samsung Company would bring the Galaxy S5 Prime as a direct competitor to LG G3 in the game. The new LG flagship is currently receiving the most attention from media and users and made zoom in the shadows also Samsung models such as the Galaxy S5 active and the Galaxy of K in this relationship. Thus, it would be a good time to bring a smartphone from Samsung with QHD display on the market. The rumors to download rates of up to 225 MB per second give an idea that Samsung wants to take up the fight of giants with the LG G3.