Aspen, Colorado

Aspen from A to Z: map of hotels and ski areas, slopes and pistes, lifts and ski passes. Bright photos and videos. Reviews of ski tourists about Aspen.

According to toppharmacyschools, Aspen is a thriving ski resort that is considered very prestigious and very expensive. Aspen combines four isolated ski areas – Aspen Mountain (Aspen Mountain), Aspen Highlands (Aspen Highlands), Buttermilk (Buttermilk) and Aspen Snowmass (Aspen Snowmass). Together they offer 200 km of multi-level slopes with a powerful lift system, a single ski pass and a free bus.

Aspen itself (it belongs to the Aspen Mountain zone) is a pretty Victorian-style resort town located in the picturesque Roaring Fork valley. It has a huge number of restaurants, cafes, shops and all kinds of apres ski entertainment.

How to get to Aspen

The easiest way to get to Aspen is via New York or Los Angeles domestic flights – to Aspen’s Sardy Field airport. A domestic flight from New York will take about 5 hours, from Los Angeles – just a couple.

The nearest train station is Glenwood Springs, 64 km from Aspen.

Aspen Hotels

There are a whole bunch of hotels in Aspen: from luxurious 5 * to economical B&B. The richest choice is directly in the city itself. A little less – in Snowmass, and to stay in the Highlands or Buttermilk, it is worth booking a room in advance: they are all there.

Aspen trails

The Aspen Mountain ski area includes the city of Aspen: the Silver Queen gondola base station is right in the middle of it. Mount Ajax rises above the city – a skiing area for the “pros”. There are difficult, steep tracks, hillocks and forest skiing. There are also well-prepared trails for intermediate skiers. There is nothing for beginners to do here: this is the only ski area in America where there are no “green” slopes.

But Buttermilk with its calm, wide slopes is quite “rolling” for neophytes and family skiing. Snowboarders will love the superpipe and the world’s longest 2-mile fun park (by the way, Buttermilk hosted the 2002-2004 Winter Extreme Games). Fun fact: Intermediate ski runs are shown in black on the local map, but this only means that they are the most difficult in the area.

The Aspen Highlands is suitable for all levels of skiers, but the area is best known for its challenging runs.

In Snowmass, the most extensive skiing region, there are slopes for skiers of any skill, but most of them are here for the “intermediate”. There are special areas for teaching children. And for boarders – two half-pipes and a fan park.

Aspen Mountain has the world’s only fan park for skiers.

Entertainment and attractions in Aspen

Not far from Aspen is the town of Glenwood Springs. Once the Ute Indians lived there, now it is a balneological resort with the world’s largest pool in hot springs. Nearby are the White River Forest Reserve, scenic Glenwood Canyon and Lake Maroon.

Kids will love Tube Town, on Mount Assay in Snowmass. For 35 USD, they offer an unlimited number of slopes and tubing rental. In addition, there is a paintball center in Snowmass where you can shoot plenty for 89 USD and a Family Zone with special children’s tracks, a half-pipe and a picnic area in Trenchtown Park. In Buttermilk, there is an entertainment center for children – a Western-style fort.

Aspen has about 120 restaurants, more than 50 bars and cafes, 4 cinemas, about 10 discos and 40 art galleries. Snowmass has 20 restaurants, 15 bars and cafes, a concert hall, and four galleries. Active entertainment: paintball, snowshoe excursions, dog sledding, indoor skating rink, sports complex, hockey rink.

One of the most popular excursions in Aspen is dog sledding at the Krabloonik Kennel.

Aspen, Colorado