Argentina Travel Package

Located between the Andes in the west and the Atlantic in the east, Argentina is a country of burning passion and spectacular beauty, with dramatic mountains, waterfalls at Iguazu, the vast grasslands of the Pampas, wonderful estancias where you can ride for days without seeing another soul and the cosmopolitan city of Buenos Aires. This unique country evokes images of tango dancers, elegant architecture, gauchos on horseback, polo and appetizing steaks – it’s easy to see why Argentina is one of the most popular destinations in South America. Add the fascinating culture and lunar landscape of the northwest, the beautiful vineyards around Mendoza, and the incredible marine wildlife of the Valdes Peninsula or the fascinating wetlands of Ibera and you get a dynamic and infinitely varied combination of experiences to enjoy. There are so many highlights.


Buenos Aires

The capital of Argentina is one of the most fascinating cities in the southern hemisphere. The European architecture combined with the Latin culture and the strong characters of the inhabitants make the city well worth a visit. During the day there is a large selection of places worth visiting and the range of entertainment in the evening is large. Good shopping at good prices. The restaurants and cafes with high quality of both meat and wine make the days in Buenos Aires a pure pleasure.

Iguassu Falls
Foz do Iguaçú The impressive Iguaçú Falls are located on the border between Brazil and Argentina, just a stone’s throw from Paraguay. The waterfalls differ from other famous waterfalls in that they are not a single large waterfall, but hundreds of smaller cataratas, as they say in Brazil. The best views of the falls are on the Brazilian side, while on the Argentine side you can walk among the falls and swim in one of the wonderful lagoons.

Argentina has some of the most beautiful farms in all of South America. Several of these classic “Estancias” are now open to guests and offer the opportunity to experience the real Pampas. Here, the tradition has been managed and the proud Gaucho culture has been preserved. Those who wish can ride with Gauchos out among herds of cattle or why not just sit back and experience a real “asado”, Argentine bbq, with rich wines.


Taube has done its part to create a framework for the country. Many have a sense of the original. Pampas and gauchos, estancior and asados. Mythical and powerful to experience. In the north amazonas in southern patagonia. From rainforest to rugged landscapes with mighty mountains and the end of the world. Estancia is the traditional form of housing out on the plains. Beautiful farms for overnight stays and gaucho life.


According to countryaah, Argentina is Latin America’s second largest country and is about the same size as Western Europe. Short for AR by abbreviationfinder, the country of Argentina is named after the Latin word argentum (silver), which refers to the narrow bay of the Río de la Plata, the Silver River in Spanish, which lies like a wedge between Argentina and Uruguay.


The climate varies from subtropical in the north to almost arctic in the south. Most of the country, however, has a temperate climate. In the Pampas it is mild, in winter the temperature rarely goes below zero and in summer the average temperature is above 20 degrees. At the coast, the humidity is high, but inland the climate is drier and the temperature changes clearer.


No – Nordic citizens can stay 90 days without a visa


Argentine pesos ARS

100ARS = 58.36SEK


Spanish is the official language. Italian and some Native American languages, such as Guarani, are also spoken.


Mandatory – No mandatory vaccinations needed.

Recommended – Mosquito pins / sprays, Polio, tetanus and diphtheria vaccinations are reviewed. Check with your vaccination center for personal needs.

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