Apple’s App Store Rounds 1.5 Million. Apps

Apple rounds a great milestone for the App Store-the store for iOS. You now have the entire 1.5 million. different apps to have at its disposal.

Under keynoten from WWDC event last night announced a major milestone for the Apple App Store, which is where apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod is distributed and downloaded.

The number of published apps for Apple devices rounds now giddy 1.5 million. To put it into perspective, there was exactly a year ago 1.2 million apps in the App Store. Back to March 2012, there were “only” 550,000 apps in the app store that, while almost 5 years back was half, namely 250,000 apps.

But how does Apple care as compared to the biggest rival, Google? According to the AppBrain, which make statistics of Google Play-shop, save Google’s catalog of apps on 1.57 million. of its kind. The two platforms is so very close in number of apps on offer, but the suffering both during a major problem.

A large proportion of the approximately 1.5 million. apps in both app stores have never been downloaded. A company, Adjust, estimates that the whole 80% of all apps for iOS is “zombieapps” -in other words, some that never downloaded.


Over 100 billion. downloads of apps

Another impressive figure, as Apple to WWDC event can produce, is the total number of downloaded apps. Apple rounds now no less than 100 billion. number of downloads. It will say that the 1.5 million.apps are downloaded on average just under 700 times.

Here is it any harder to compare with its rival, Google, since there is no enlightened any figure since July 2013. Here had Android users downloaded apps from Google Play 50 billion times. What has happened since, is hard to say, but it is probably in the same order of magnitude as Apple.