Apple WWDC: Here Is the News

It’s morning in San Fransisco and Apple’s developer exhibition WWDC 2015 is in full swing. Here is the news.

Apple’s annual developer opens doors with the usual exhibition WWDC keynote, where Tim Cook and his cronies showcasing new products and software for Apple’s products.

Os X-El Capitan

With OS X El Capitan, starts Apple with to show how you can get started-easier by quickly finding the mouse on the screen. A little wiggle gets the mouse pointer speed.

Track padden now inherits the swype features from iOS, for example, you can delete emails with a flick to the side.

Safari can lock in a home page, from which you can open multiple tabs and be on the page – even if the link would otherwise send you further. Should a new tab auto-start the sound or music, a new icon will allow you to switch off the sound-or find the play lustful tab.

OS X contains new search features, where you can search with phrases in plain Danish such as ‘ my word files from last June’s – and the list shows up in the Finder.

Applications are now simpler to work with side by side: by moving an app to the monitor page you can piece a multi-window with two applications.

Apple’s second major focus is performance. Now Apple promises that the apps will open 40% faster than in the past, while some applications, for example, the PDF reader will now load the documents up to 4 times faster.

Last brings Apple Metal-Api for developers. Metal made his debut with iOS 8 and gives developers a direct access to the computer’s grafikresourcer. This privileged access can provide up to 10 times higher performance in spillover Apple.

OS X will be a free upgrade and will debut in the fall. It is available for download as a beta today.


IOS 9-teaches you to know

Intelligence is code word for iOS 9, now your iPhone and iPad teach you better get to know through your use of the devices, your messages and your emails.

Siri also becomes wiser. Now you can command the Siri to see which website you are visiting and you can ask Siri save the page for you.

IOS 9 learns from your use of your phone and your emails. Are you listening to music will find the song information to suit.

Is an incoming call from a number you don’t know, the iOS search among your messages and emails, and then suggest a name it thinks fit for the number.

The ability to read your messages and emails passed on to other apps, where e-mails are scanned for invitations and transferred to the calendar.

Spotlight search function link now directly to the results inside the relevant apps.

Security is in focus: everything takes place on your device, and your data will not be shared with third parties.

Passbook changes its name to the Wallet. Now we have to see if it will be named ‘Purse’ in Danish.

Apple’s card face for an upgrade, which now offers better kortægning by public transport. ‘Card’ can show information about stations, and piece together navigation from from delrejser through time and different public transport options. No Danish cities, however, is on the list of the first cities to get the new ‘Map’.

With iOS 9 introduce a new Apple app dubbed short and sweet ‘News’. The app together pieces features from a flip chart and Pocket, but includes the ability to analyze your news in order to give a better overview and better proposals and search options. The app is reserved for engelsktalene markets in the first place.

Keyboard for iPad gets built-in shortcuts, as well as the ability to act as a touchpad.

IOS at the first touch is 9-operating system where Apple integrates multitasking for the tablets. You can now, at long last, splitting the screen into two apps or sliding a iPhone-version of an app from the side via the new multitasking button. iPad Air 2 will, as the only, at the same time could bring a floating app into other apps.

Multitasking will debut on the iPad Air 1 and 2, as well as iPad mini 2 and 3.

In addition to the new features Apple promises more improvements under the hood, as well as a dieting: iOS 9 take up less space so all iOS devices can enjoy iOS 8 9.

IOS 9 is available from today in both a developer and, as something new, in an open beta so more can try it with the new iOS.

Watch US 2

Apple brings new opportunities for their smartwatch in the form of an app platform for Apple-Agency.

Smartwatchet according to Apple, will now no longer be dependent on værtsapp’en on your iPhone, but will be able to run its own applications and use your Wi-Fi connection to join the Internet.

Watch US 2 offers enhanced urfunktioner such as a clock-mode and a new clock faces. These can also be extended with ‘complications’ which can bring even more information from the apps to the watch face.

Fitness apps will now have access to the watch’s sensors, so apps like Endomondo, Strava and Runkeeper can make use of, among other things, the heart rate monitor and the accelerometer.

Watch US 2 released as beta today, but will first get global rollout in the fall.


One More Thing: Apple Music

Apple’s Tim Cook, Apple introduces latest satsningc, with Steve Jobs iconic understated “One More Thing”: Now comes Apple Music.

Apple Music similar to established streaming services such as Spotify, Deezer or Wimp to confusion. You get access to the entire iTunes library of music, but extended with the Apple 24/7 radio channel: Beats One.

The app will transfer all your music and playlists from iTunes and offer suggestions based on your favorite music. Play lists can be shared and generated based on your music taste.

Apple Music must at the same time be a social music service and brings the sharing options which evokes associations with Soundcloud. Fans and artists are brought together via photos, video, news and music through the Connect function.

Apple Music debutterer today for $ 9.99/month-but can be tested today for free in the first three months.Apple offers a familikonto for $ 14.99/month that can be shared with up to 6 users.

Apple Music beta comes to iPhone, iPad, OS X, and Windows the 30. June. Android phones and tablets will also access in the autumn.



Apple WWDC: Here’s what’s coming

Apple WWDC: Here’s what’s coming


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