Apple Watch: Unboxing and First Test [Web]

Apple Watch has landed in Denmark. Our site gives the first impression of Apple Watch Sport Edition.

Today’s smart watches have not yet convinced consumers that armbands Agency must retire in favor of a piece of connected electronics.

But with Apple’s expertise in consumer electronics and a good dose of Apple fans out there will hope Apple brand to kick again in the portable Palm technology.

Technically, however, Apple has not released the clock in the Danish trade yet. But e-shop our site is like the first, and only, out with the agency via own imports.

At our site, we are of course curious to see what the Agency can, and have, therefore, borrowed a copy which has landed on the editors, and now is test driven in some days.


Where is the little!

Actual sales packaging is twice as big as an iPhone-cash, but when pap and manual eagerly skinned by, I am appalled at how little Watch really is.

There is also the minimum 38 mm Sport variant I have for testing, but in fact smart-clockwork from Samsung, LG or Motorola, perceived it as being half as large.

It is both good and bad: it is liberating, that a smart watch is no longer synonymous with a hopscotch stone on the arm, but at the same time provides the only space for a display on small 1.3 inch.

For the compact outer looks Apple its cut to rethink the strap around the Watch Sport. The strap is in soft silicone plastic and strapped now reverse on which the above proof strap not flaps loose, but instead blended into itself.

It takes getting used to, and it has not yet managed to take it on as fast as classic straps. The advantage here is that the strap can be replaced without the use of tools, and that it does not flutter.

Beautifully crafted

Although the Agency is small, handy and sports tuned, it has an undeniably class as not really is captured on the press photos and videos we’ve seen so far. I really expected to be disappointed by the anonymous and square design with rounded sides, but I changed the quick mind. And agency meetings as also general interest and praise from my girth.

Whether or not one should opt for the larger and more expensive 42 mm variant is of course a matter of taste. But even if I even typically leaning toward Gent’s watches at 42-44 mm caliber, I am convinced that the smaller 38 mm is right for me. It looks like it is something generic design sharper up, and makes the clock so pleasant that I forget that I have it on – perfect for a fitness-oriented Companion.

Agency is charged via a magsafe-type Wireless charger. A small expanse the size of two tikroner attaches magnetically to the bottom and transfer power wirelessly. Charging takes approximately an hour and a half and had to row for at least 18 hours of use. It sounds like terrible shortly, but in my first week with the Agency has, however, I routinely achieved over twice.

Sporting ambitions

The watch is IP67-certified, which means that the fear either being plasket with in the bath or in the shower, but at the same time not dressed for longer dives, like swimming or snorkeling.

On the back of the light-weight alukabinettet you will find an overgrown heart rate monitor there as one of the first smartwatches perform to give precise measurements both during training, but also every now and then for health-the app’s statistics.

Apple chose, however, not to let others take care of the heart rate monitor, which, for example, makes the popular Endomondo app cannot collect heart rate data during the training session.

The screen is small, but it is available bright and both colour and contrast-rich. A pleasure. At the same time is Watch extremely adept to adjust display brightness, so it is always easy to decipher-both indoor and outdoor.

Only (probably deliberate) omission from Apple’s hand is that the screen is not protected with the strong sapphire glass. You must have the Sapphire, must you pay a few thousand dollars more to get their hands on Watch.

Overly ambitious software

Agency requires that you have an iPhone or iPad with iOS 8.3 onboard, for it is through this and Watch app that almost all options must be found.

The actual setup takes a few minutes, but in that agency is not officially introduced in Denmark, a few features, such as, for example, Siris voice control, not be to find.

With phone and urret paired, is Watch now ready to implement notifications and so-called ‘ glances ‘ on to your wrist. Notifications is ticking in with a perfect lovingly vibreren as neither enerverer or go unnoticed.

Glances, or sneak peek, is small message panels as Apple’s, or your apps can consume and provide useful info. A flick upwards therefore give access to, for example, weather info, Endomondos or Health State, or today’s calendar appointments.

Apple is certainly generous with features, apps and features for the clock – and here I fear that Apple is trying to chew more than what a screen on 1.3 inch can convey. Here is what I suspect may be the biggest Achilles ‘ heel in Apple Watch.

The popular app menu with app icons splattet out as M & M chocolates, for example, is nice, but at the same time, difficult to navigate without unintentionally click the wrong icon.

Worth following

All is not perfect in Apple’s first voyage on the smartwatch-scene, but there is at the same time much that seems promising for my first time with the clock.

I am pleased, therefore, to delve deeper into all possibilities with the Agency, but I’m already convinced that Apple has created something special to Watch.

Whether it will be enough to justify the high price remains to be seen. Follow therefore here at our site where we will observe Apple Watch many features and give our final verdict.

View with including where we unboxer and takes a closer look at Apple Watch.