Apple and Demand: The Client Up to 6s and 6s Plus IPhone’s Profile

Something that I like about the technology, specifically in regards to smartphones, is that you despite being a field much more recent that others, like the computers, there are traditions. Recent wedge, but having them there, and those who do not move around virtual here look forward to them with that emotion We have redefined as hype.

Today tradition and hype came from the hand of Apple because he played presentation of new terminals, the 6s and 6s Plus iPhone, and in the digestion of the event, there is always an inevitable look to the past, to how this product has danced between foundations and demand. For whom is the iPhone and for who has been?

More than product, entity

Who more and who less recalls, albeit vaguely, the presentation of the first iPhone in the hands of Jobs (and if not, or you want to refresh the memory, here you have it.) Apple presented its proposal for a smarter than average phone trumpeting the multitouch in times of Symbian and Blackberry with a QWERTY keyboard.

The purchaser of an iPhone didn’t want to buy a phone, but everything else

It is no wonder that the word “revolutionary” appeared every few minutes, and this already proclaiming the target of Cupertino: early-adopters and faithful apart, from the very beginning was an aspirational product an approximation to a computer and RIM were not enough for whom wanted in the Palm of the hand. The purchaser of an iPhone didn’t want to buy a phone, but everything else.

Its model of market, based on the exclusivity in all its senses, they settled it in the future as an alternative the black against the target of growing heterogeneity that were forming the manufacturers started to launch its Android terminals from the T-Mobile G1, the first Android smartphone, and at the bottom a grey formed by those who saw this evolution from the sidelines creating solutions to a type of customer endangered.

The pillars of the evolution of the iPhone

Doing things right in due time gives you a cushion in the form of reputation which, at the level of market, translates into default. The antecedent, as they themselves described, having “reinvented the phone” influenced is looking a number of customers predisposed to buying successive models for that mixture between satisfaction and faith that will compensate for the update.

This auspicious flip seat manufacturer a foundation for your products, a mixture between sena’s identity and modus operandi which, although everything is susceptible of change in technology, strengthen factors that customer agrees to Although they are not part of your tastes, primitive needs or priorities.

Was born in telephony, a growing percentage of a paradoxical customer profile which requires at the same time that it accepted the rules of Apple

Thus was born in telephony, a growing percentage of a paradoxical customer profile demanding that, at the same time, accepted rules (traditionally unconventional) Apple. Proposed a user dissatisfied and looking to the future and Apple arranged, but in its own way.

A cutting from the user profile of Apple computer, which already had its roots, in the young and fertile field of smartphones, which in the future would turn in a stereotype of status in conjunction with what would represent the company in part by establishing minimum prices always above the average.

Doctor Techie and Mr. Hype

Thus, with time and the great evolution in recent years has had mobile phones, have been established (mostly speaking products high-end) broadly two types of potential customer. It is, on the one hand, which sympathizes with the new that is going on and sees the flagships as something that sucks, and on the other one who follows the evolution to a more technical level and attends to the most relevant in this regard changes.

It is, on the one hand, which sympathizes with the new that is going on and sees the flagships as something that sucks, and on the other one who follows the evolution to a more technical level and attends to the most relevant in this regard changes.

In relation to what we talked about in the introduction of these technological traditions, they also become “training” somehow what to expect in terms of changes and, when we are in the eighth year of presentation of a new model of iPhone know when touch design change or when to expect a most important evolution at the level of hardware, playing with alternating “s” models from the iPhone 3GS in 2009 (here the bibliography requires us to put it in capital letters).

With all this, the expectation of the public focused, on the one hand, if there would be or not more RAM iOS would implement or not some function, and on the other hand in how the edges would be or if it would or not, new color. The iPhone managed to tag — to be crash out of be “the latest” per are, Although he had both his style as its pace of technological evolution, and the post earned, therefore, in the calendar of the early-adopters.

A tap, a photo: the reference in Mobile photography

When we speak of the flagships in mobile telephony increasingly harder to discern between what smartphone is the most complete. A part of certain technological plateau, It is this strange limbo that make up the most amazing achievements in millimeter hardware capabilities and the fact that there is always some major lack that represents the doubt in deciding us.

Apple chose for the annual renewal its single terminal (until 2013, with the 5 c) which would arguably be its flagship. While this obviously ignores the fact that you earn to be in this category by technical specifications, marking record as the screen name “retina”, a 64-bit microprocessor, or the TouchID (not by the sensor, if not for its operation and its application in set).

Thus, this specialization in any of its features has been consolidated as trick at the time that opt for an iPhone is a clear reference in some cases. For example, those who were seduced by the metal unibody design from the iPhone 5 or for users seeking almost above all a camera give an excellent result in a just touch or some quality videos.

The King of “a tap, a photo” touched you share throne with cameras with specifications and performance so remarkable as the Galaxy S6 range or the LG G4

Currently this has continued to be so, although some time ago that the battle is more contradictory. The King of “a tap, a photo” touched you share throne with cameras with specifications and performance so remarkable as the Galaxy S6 range or the LG G4, which also provides the opportunity for more understanding user to make it look with your own settings, they talk about you to you to the iPhone.

In this regard we must remember the part of the software and flattering fitting that form in this respect the assortment of related apps in the App Store. Both with the photo editing with the trip itself (since another feature of photography according to Apple is that they send in almost everything), the iPhone is planted as a clear choice to the customer that puts a good mobile photo experience.

And you have to take into account that this has been maintained despite factors such as refusing to add the possibility of an expansion of physical memory (with microSD) and a, at the moment, does not support RAW as it has begun to make the competition.

The tug-of-war with the demand: size matters

An operating system, a design, a connection and synchronization unique and not shared by no one more. IPhone has followed its evolution in parallel to the technological advancement and trends that the market marked in terms of fashion creating the consequential rejection and desire to direct, part of who does not accept imposed despite meet part of your preferences and by who almost molds its taste as presented.

Apart from the unique and unchangeable aspects that we cited, even assuming an extra investment as in the case, which has brought headache to many users in their decision making is screen size. This feature has reached a huge variety as opposed to the four sizes (presented in three batches over the 8 years) of iPhones in Android. A variety that responds to a demand for larger screens as we saw in this work of @somospostpc.

As we can read in the same, the average screen size of growth has accelerated over the years. Apple began to incorporate a 3.5 inch screen when the average on the market stood at 3.2 inches, and as also stands out in the study, if the changes have happened later, and more blow. Remain about the comparison of increase in screens which is detailed in the work by adding the subsequent evolutions:

Average size of screens (inches) | Create infographics

Determinism with the screen size comes in part by the pretext of use the phone with one hand, something that as she was demonstrated was not at odds with an increase in screen to some extent (which already would spend almost to talk about phablets). However, this began to be inevitably as small when the average of the market was growing, so if you wanted a big screen you weren’t iOS meat hopelessly.

The 6 Plus was a response to a demand patent, something not so common when we talk about a company characterized by creating tastes and needs rather than to follow them

Is for this reason that the launch of the iPhone 6 Plus marked record, beyond other changes screen and that was a second option (which already happened, on another level, with the iPhone 5 c). The 6 Plus was a response to a patent lawsuit, something that is understood as usual in the market but is not it so much when we talk about a company that has taken the helm of its standards as few and has been characterized by creating tastes and needs rather than to follow them.

Expanding the panorama of target customers, and this was a shaking to the market both economic as -level business strategy. The iPhone 6 Plus had an acceptance shown by the figures (although among so many millions not come to specify how many correspond to each model) and probably moved its ability to vary its roadmap at least in terms of agenda, in advance of the presentation of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 more than suspicious.

iPhone 6s and 6s Plus: for whom are?

The continuity of the “plus” model along with the birth of a new iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil They mark that arm that Apple twisted face a market against representing a challenge not to meet, especially when the iPhone is one of the most important products at the level of earnings.

As well, the new iPhone It attends to various sectors in terms of size and performance, without finally a successor to the iPhone 5 c as such. The “affordable” option for arises with a 5s from 509 euro iPhone for those who want to taste the sweetness of the TouchID or the camera without having to disburse the amount to which amount the flagships fresh out of the oven.

The 6s and 6s Plus iPhone represent a clear choice for those seeking loop the loop with the camera, now with 12 megapixel (in connection with the 6 and 6 plus 8) and with some improvements that promise greater depth of field and best colors in all situations and those who prioritize notable improvements like the 3D Touch. The new aspirational Apple phone that does not forget its customers more chic and outstanding design and Adds the color Rose Gold.

Again, changes in the hand of a model “s” that are not drastic but they may be key to change the user experience (as we saw with the TouchID) that can be key to persuade the undecided to finally opt for new and tempting who, despite having years latest models, they are narrowing the idea of change. We’ll see how they work at the level of sales in a few months.