Abdominal Binder Belly Bandit

Brand came from the United States, Belly Bandit hit in the communities of young moms around the world with his famous belt abdominal corseting. We are referencing and present this belt at each of our meetings. Also it seemed key to share with you the real French moms return after use. You can find so the ultra review detailed three different mums after a 6 week test.

Julie, already mother of a little girl and now a whole little boy is a great sports. It is an active, dynamic, caring woman and all natural, she has tested for us the belt Belly Bandit Original nude.

Mélisande is a young woman of 26, flirtatious and humorous! Very curious but also concerned with his appearance post pregnancy, she has tested our new favorite: the belt Belly Bandit Couture lace patterns.

Karina, faithful reader of Mum-to-be Party has tested the belt Belly Bandit bamboo fiber which makes it very sweet and pleasant in contact with the skin, because she had a Caesarian anticipated.

Discovery of the belt: apprehensions and expectations

Julie and Karina have known the Belly Bandit belt on MaternityetChic.com while Mélisande found on the blog of Mathilde Lacombe’s life as a blonde.

Despite their different profiles, our three testers had the same expectation in addition to the slimming effect: keep their backs. Mélisande and Karina it was mainly to relieve their back pain that they were able to meet during pregnancy while Julie was waiting a back support during breastfeeding.

Fears however varied the testers. While Julie was concerned not be excited if the belt proved to be uncomfortable, Mélisande, was afraid that the belt does not work.
Karina lives in the South of the France and feared not being able to stand the heat with the port of the Belly Bandit bamboo.


The girls found the very simple and modern packaging.

I was rather seduced by the packaging: it’s still modern across words you didn’t feel like back in the 1920s as a same who will wear his sheath. MÉLISANDE

Concerning its form, Karina found convenient to put belt and Mélisande found super intuitive.

You understand at first glance where and how you’re going to wear. MÉLISANDE

Julie was expecting that his belt Original is sweeter, even if she suspected that the belt was going to be a little stiff.
Karina and Mélisande however were not of the same opinion. Karina found her very pleasant to the touch and soft bamboo belt. Mélisande, was expecting a super rigid product while belt seam is very soft and pleasant to the touch.

At the level of the aesthetics of the products, Julie was afraid that small patterns BB are under the shirt, but in the end she did not quite tight top so that it is visible.
Mélisande was very seduced, she found him feminine with of pretty lace style prints that remind a little boudoir lingerie.
Karina on the other hand, enjoyed the discretion of his belt in bamboo.

the opinion of dads?

Karina spouse told her that the belt did not at all! And on the side of Mélisande dad was also reassured that she see that the belt closed because it was a size XS, he even tried!

He tried to put in saying to order one for him so he liked his new reflection in the mirror. MÉLISANDE


First step, getting started: how to close it, place it… Generally moms who put the belt for the first time have the impression that this one is too small, that neni! It is precisely the effect that each Bellybanditgirlmust feel, and that’s what felt our testeuses M2b.
Julie couldn’t close it right at the beginning, the velcro was crooked. Then as and when she managed to place it in twice.

You doing well placed top of the velcro continues to draw and then placed down. JULIE

The grip for Mélisande was very simple, the belt is positioned very well and she married her body shape perfectly. His trick was to not scratch to the minimum and then tighten 10 minutes more later history to have little by little.

It surrounds himself in it and we scratch then we breathe. MÉLISANDE

For Karina as the belt was very tight during the first use, then over time it became perfect.

the routine of our testers

Julie-belt Original
She was wearing the belt mainly in the mornings or when her schedule allowed but rarely in a sitting position. She wore when chores or during the rest time semi recumbent and always in contact with the skin.
Julie used the belt to a sustained frequency: every day for three weeks on durations of 1 h 30 to 2 h then a little less the following weeks.

To wash his belt it has just done soak in warm water with some SOAP then fact dry in the open air.

Mélisande – belt sewing
Our young MOM the was first worn for short periods and then once his body got used to it she put the belt as soon as possible. Most often it was when she remained standing (especially in walk, during the races…) because like Julie, that was the position that she found the most pleasant.

Mélisande brought the belt to contact skin or a thin tank top. The only product she put more was its anti-stretch mark oil.

It was the top because suddenly it allowed to wear over a long period without removing it.

Regarding her interview, Mélisande spent his belt sewing machine then did dry on the Clothesline.

Karina – belt bamboo
Our Bellybandit bamboo girl wore the belt during the ballads with his daughter, after lunch or simply during the afternoon; This at least four times a week and up to three hours a day.
Given the softness of the product, she used the belt to the contact of the skin and completed her routine with anti-stretch mark cream and his fear about the heat also proved unfounded.
Maintenance was done in machine in delicate mode then a drying in the open air.

The girls found the wearable belt.

Once you get much to position the belt is nice. JULIE

None of the tests has made activity or exercise in parallel for re-developing their abdominal, the belt was the only source of “smoothing of Tin” as say Mélisande.


Julie and Karina felt a difference on the sheathing of the stomach through the use of the belt, their stomach was flatter and had deflated quickly!

Amazing, in 1 week my belly was much flatter. JULIE

Melisande did not notice a big difference other than a little deflation because after childbirth she had virtually no belly, she quickly recovered his original weight.

The size of each of the tests has also redesigned fast enough, and has continued to be refined over the coming weeks unlike the evolution of the stomach which according to Julie slowed down after the first few weeks.
Mélisande and Karina felt a difference in the quality of their skin, it has recovered its tonicity and elasticity thanks to the belt, the skin is again smooth.

Girls are also right to say that belt has really been a plus for the back support and helped to relieve their back pain.

While Julie and Karina felt no change in the level of transit / intestinal comfort, Mélisande she was blown away by the effect of the belt on the reseating of the bodies.

What I loved is the feeling that belt was all that baby had moved in its place.MÉLISANDE

The satisfaction of Julie was losing almost all his stomach in a week, while Melisande thank the belt for helping him to find its size to front and to recognize. Karina is pleased to have had support for his back pain as well as a good back support.

I found the body I had before and today I recognize myself. MÉLISANDE

I was suffering back pain pregnancy belt allowed me to better myself, especially with baby in arms, so for me it’s a very positive point. On me it worked to improve my posture. KARINA

Belt has helped our three testers to feel simply well and increased the desire take more care of them.

My allowable belt feel more feminine. To be proud. Proud to have lost my belly as fast. JULIE

Mélisande really enjoyed the belt because she was afraid of the changes on his body and this belt has enabled to feel more comfortable with his body post delivery and regain confidence in her.

The belt allowed me to find myself, during the pregnancy I didn’t recognize me more […] the belt allowed me to get my bearings. MÉLISANDE


We asked girls to describe the belt they have each tested in few words.

Julie – belt Original:

Very little effort for maximum results, it feels good to reclaim her body so quickly.

Mélisande – belt sewing

Effective, comfortable, intuitive and feminine.

Karina and bamboo belt

Rather efficient, discreet and pleasant in contact with the skin.

Our three testers recommend the Belly Bandit belt to other young mothers coming to give birth. Julie and Mélisande agree that is both physical and psychological assistance because a mother-to-be arises a lot of questions on her post-partum body and belt easily brings a solution to the body shape after birth.

It’s Super scary when you’re about to expel a little being of 3.4 kg on average, his body, to say how I’m going to be after? I think that this may be a real psychological crutch and a real physical help. MÉLISANDE

If we can break the spirit of this question then it’s really good! JULIE

if you remember that three information of this test?

  1. Easy to use, convenient and enjoyable (in position standing up, preferably)
  2. The belt allows gainer belly quickly and refine the size
  3. It is very useful to maintain better posture and relieve back pain

Bonus-There are 3 models and 4 colors: Original nude Original Black Bamboo nude, Couture, all are available on our shop, with everything we need to know how to find its size (see the size Guide), which model preferred in case of caesarean section, and how to use it.


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