A Nokia X 2 Saves The Life of Its Owner in The Syrian Conflict to Stop a Bullet

It is not the first time that we are talking about something, a phone that will save the life of its owner-based contain a bullet, but in this case the context is very different from the previous time.

Although today some high-end terminals have a really dubious materials (the back cover of the SIII Galaxy can be used perfectly for rolling cigarettes), there are terminals that are equipped with a worthy robustness admire.

A Syrian user of a Nokia X 2 you will be eternally grateful to the particular robustness of your mobile: the terminal stopped a bullet It led directly to his face, all in the framework of Syria’s Civil War ongoing.

The user was filming the battle between military and rebels with the Nokia X 2 as bombs and bullets were flying everywhere. He decided to get a little closer to battlefield for taking better videos.

Suddenly, while holding the Nokia with his right hand, a bullet was direct towards your face, with incredible luck, which fully destroyed the terminal and not provoked any scratch he.

In short, if something Nokia (as HTC in its day, after saving the life of another news man) can boast it is really resistant materials at its terminals, independently of the pointers or popular they are right now. As they say “memes” that flood the network: an iPhone falls to the ground, and screen is broken, a Nokia falls to the ground, and soil breaks.

A really positive and curious history.