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The New Jewelry Trend

How many layers are too many? More is more in our opinion. Store with monthly stones, diamonds etc. Layer upon layer of jewelry is a growing jewelry trend that has increased in recent seasons whether you wear small cute jewelry or larger visible jewelry. It's the perfect way to showcase all your favorites at once. Learn how to wear layer upon layer of jewelry so you can use your jewelry more often. The following are tips and tricks that you need to know to achieve your layer upon layer of dreams.


WAREHOUSE 101To achieve the best comfort and design, you can use different chains in different weights to avoid them getting tangled up. The chains must be in different sizes so that each product stands out. You can experiment with different styles by wearing a choker with charms or together with a heavier chain. Mix metal colors! It creates more choices of styles and contrast. You can also choose to wear jewelry in the same metal to create a contrast with your clothes. Tip: coins and horizontal tray necklaces are perfect jewelry you can have between jewelry that falls closer to the neckline - use one of them as a basic jewelry when you store them and build them from there.BECOME AN EXPERT AT STORING


If you want to create a layer upon layer of earrings that are irresistible, you can mix and match jewelry from your earring collection - the possibilities for how to master layers of layers of earrings are endless. Keep it minimal with different earrings or mix around different types of hoops earrings. Tip: when storing, you can wear a larger earring along with smaller earrings for a nice contrast. Do not focus on symmetry! You do not have to wear a matching pair, instead create a mix of different types of earrings in both ears, as long as there is a weight and length balance. Last but not least, stick to one theme. The earrings should relate to each other, e.g. all jewelry can be in gold or have a geometric theme.


THE PERFECT STORAGEOut with the old and in with the new - it's time to create the perfect ring collection. Stacking thinner rings along a few fingers and a couple of rings on one and the same finger gives a really nice look. It is important to have some classic gold rings to complement the layer upon layer look. Keep it interesting by mixing different types of rings such as a knurled ring or pearl ring. If you want to be bold, you can start with a signet ring on your ring finger as the focus and then build your layer on layer look based on the signet ring with smaller rings. You do not have to store rings on all fingers, choose stackable rings for one finger and engrave words that mean something to you! Tip: Make sure you do not wear any bracelets and stick to a subtle color on your nails for maximum effect.IF YOU ARE DOUBTFUL.... STORE!


Renew your bracelets. Choose eye-catching bracelets such as a solid bracelet and build up your wrist with complementary jewelry or wear several larger bracelets for a captivating look. Beginners can choose bracelets that follow a theme or choose colors that complement each other such as gold or red. You can also choose different textures, shapes and colors to boost your layer on layer look. Feel free to wear gold jewelry together with a leather jewelry or pearl bracelet with a watch - be creative!

When it comes to mixing, you should let your personal style be the starting point when creating your layer on layer look! One is never enough - have fun, be creative, and become a layer upon layer of professionals!

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